Intentional Gratitude

Tis the season of gratitude. Thanksgiving is perhaps one of the most underappreciated holidays, but at the same time, one of the most needed. Given the year we have endured it may be difficult to be naturally thankful. This year, more so than any other in recent memory, may require us to purposefully seek to be grateful.

There are so many things beyond our individual control – the virus, a vaccine, politics, the media and the stock market to name a few. In addition to these matters, we are already being inundated with consumerism as all of the Black Friday hype ramps up even earlier this pandemic year. With all that is going on, it may be easy to miss out on the spirit of gratitude this year.

Despite all of those distractions however, we are in control over what we do with our time, thoughts and energy. We can choose to take time this year to identify how we have been blessed, share a kind word and help someone who may need it.

Choosing to See the Good

With every decision, every life event, it is our choice to see the good in it. Even bad outcomes and decisions can be significant positives if we learn from them and become a better person. But, we must choose that.

There are people who are thankful for the smallest things – you probably know a few. They are like magnets. We want to be around them because they exude love, joy and positivity. And then, there are those who are difficult to please and tend to drain your energy when you are around them. We can each choose who we want to be this holiday season.

Thank You

I am grateful for you. Thank you for your trust and confidence in me. Thank you for the privilege to know and work with you. Thank you for taking my advice. Thank you for being a patient investor... I know it’s not always easy, especially in a year such as this. And lastly, thank you for choosing me as your partner on this journey.  

Happy Thanksgiving!