Living Your Best Life

From inception, the mission of this firm has been to help others exemplify the title of this brief essay. While financial security is certainly an important component of a joyous and fulfilling journey, it is in my experience subordinate to the paramount question – “What does living your best life mean to you?”

The present-day pace of life often relegates a question of such depth to the perpetual backburner. (I could easily mix in a Ferris Buehler-ism here but will save that for a future quote of the month.)

This is neither an easy question to ponder nor an effort that will likely yield immediate or total clarity. It is a multilayered subject matter encompassing family, friends, finances, geography, recreation, culture, travel, profession, philanthropy, legacy, etc. – All of which will evolve.

Yet, I do believe that with intention and consistency applied to this exercise, we can make progress in keeping life from getting in the way of living it. If you haven’t already ventured down this contemplative path, consider doing so. Perhaps there will be some down time this holiday season that will provide a window of opportunity.

Speaking of the holidays… I want to conclude by expressing our gratitude – Thank you for the privilege to know and work with you. Thank you for taking our advice. Thank you for being a patient investor... I know it’s not always easy in this sensationalized, sound bite world we live in. And lastly, thank you for choosing Guided Path Wealth Management as your trusted partner on this journey.  

Happy Thanksgiving!