Our Planning Process

Quality of Life Through Clarity and Vision

We guide our clients through a discovery process to identify their most important financial goals. You have individual experiences with hopes and dreams that call for a unique financial plan. Your priorities become the basis for defining your financial goals which provide the foundation for developing your personal plan. We call it your Guided Path Roadmap (GPR). Most importantly, we provide the ongoing guidance and coaching needed to ensure that your GPR is successful over time.




Step 1: Discovery - Leads to Wise Choices

The creation of your GPR requires a series of vital conversations to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals, your current and future resources, and your family situation. These conversations guide us as we design a framework for making tactical decisions based upon your unique circumstances. 

Step 2: Design - Determine the Route

Based on the discovery data, we create your GPR to identify planning gaps and determine if the desired course is viable. Your GPR is a customized financial strategy that you can understand and comfortably commit to.




Step 3: Embark on your Journey

Your GPR provides a clear view of the the road ahead and defines the specific stategies and actions required to stay on course. 


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Step 4: Discipline - Stay on Course

Once your GPR is finalized, we help execute all of the recommended actions, ensuring that your best interests are at the forefront of every decision. Additionally, we evaluate any estate planning, insurance, tax planning, lending, or other financial areas that may need to be addressed. We then monitor and adjust your GPR to best reflect changes in your lifestyle, personal situation, time horizon, and market conditions for the duration of your journey.  


Making great decisions about your wealth starts with a well thought out strategy and an understanding of your destination.  Contact us to get started today.


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