No, I am not retiring! I already did so in September of 2018 when I transitioned my practice to Guided Path Wealth Management. Allow me to explain…

As many of you are aware, I interact quite a bit with my peers in the financial planning community. Years back, a peer referenced a definition of retirement that resonated with me: Improve your life by changing your work. This definition helped provide me the courage to create my firm and the clarity to structure it as I have.

Monetary reasons aside, there is so much more we derive from being engaged in meaningful work. There is no reason why retirement as defined above shouldn’t occur continuously throughout one’s life. If your work can be an engaging source of meaning and fulfilment, would you still be inclined to retire in the traditional sense?

During all of our respective professional journeys, we will inevitably be asked “when do you plan to retire.” Wouldn’t it be great if your answer was “I already have, and plan to continue to do so.”