Words of Wisdom

Make 2020 a Great Year!

We are halfway through the year, and many people wish to say “good riddance” to 2020. Undoubtedly, this has been a challenging year.

There is ongoing uncertainty about how the pandemic will play out and what “normal” will be moving forward. Exactly what the future will bring is outside of our individual control.


Pandemic Slowing, Economy Reopening, and Markets Reassessing

With the economy starting to reopen, we are now transitioning into the next phase of this journey. It is certainly encouraging to see us starting to head in the right direction. As such, I wanted to share with you the attached commentary authored by Commonwealth’s managing principal and CIO, Brad McMillan. Brad is very effective at distilling these types of matters with brevity and perspective. To the extent you have an appetite for more analysis on this matter, I believe you will find this to be a good read.  

As always, please know that my team and I here and available to discuss any concerns you may have.